Wolf’s Tail – Chapter Two…

…is now up! Appreciate your support and feedback if you’re interested. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to it. I know reading time is a finite resource! -Phillip

Where I Do Some Things

Thanks to John Howell for the “Work Place Blog Hop” tag. Here’s my office, or at least half of it since the other half is in utter disarray… And no pictures hung yet? Someday… So when I’m not using a laptop (it would make a boring photo, trust me), this is where I divide my [...]
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Weekly Recap – September 12th, 2014

It’s been a busy week since returning to work, but surprisingly productive on all fronts. First, let me thank you all for your support on my Wattpad posting of Wolf’s Tail. I’m beyond excited, like, galactically excited, to get things moving with that story. It’s long overdue and being publicly accountable to finish the darn thing is [...]
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Wolf’s Tail + Wattpad Experiment

I’m sure some of you are familiar with Wattpad, but for those that aren’t, the most succinct way I can describe it is Facebook for stories. If you want the details, they have a decent About Us page. I’ve known about the site for awhile but have steered clear because I was unsure about putting up something I’d [...]
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Book Review – Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

“Tigana, let my memory of you be like a blade in my soul.” Have you ever ripped through the first half of a book only to find yourself slowing down toward the end? Not because you’ve lost interest, but because you know the story will end and you’re afraid you know how it’s going to end and you fret for [...]
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When Two Should Become One

Hey, a post about writing! It’s about time, yeah? I’m halfway through my latest draft of Wolf’s Tail and am dissatisfied. Shocker, I know. Of course the notion that a writer hates his writing in the middle of a book is not unfamiliar to you guys. It comes with the territory. But my frustration begins with a style I’ve [...]
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Weekly Recap – August 29th, 2014

When the days blur together, weekly recaps seem superfluous. Still, it’s an opportunity for more Angus pics!   The writing has been going fantastically well during my time off from work. While the little guy is sleeping and I’m not running errands or cleaning the house, I’m steadily pushing out words on Wolf’s Tail as well as drafting up other [...]
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Weekly Recap – August 22, 2014

Due to the supportive comments, I’m already breaking my self-imposed rule of minimum Angus: I tried to get some writing in, but couldn’t get five minutes past this picture before he demanded dad’s complete attention; which of course I was happy to give. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! May it be fruitful and fun, or at least one of [...]
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One Week A.A (After Angus)

Just want to warn you… I’ll occasionally be that person posting pics of their kid whom you’re only mildly interested in, at best. I promise to keep it at a minimum though: It’s interesting to see just how much Angus has grown mentally in only one week. He’s more aware of his surroundings and can focus [...]
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Greatest Weekly Update Ever

After nearly 24 hours of labor, the greatest present my wife and I have ever received came into the world at 11:35PM, August 13th. He has us frazzled and sleepless, and though I knew I’d love this little guy a lot, I never knew just how much until I held him in my arms. -Phillip [...]
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