Weekly Recap – April 24th, 2015

Hard, little, white things are pushing their way into Angus’ mouth. Poor guy hasn’t gotten much in the way of good sleep lately, nor have his parents. Just when the nights were getting back to mostly normal… ;) Besides that, the week has been good, though busy with work. I haven’t had a chance to […]
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Book Review – The Oresteia by Aeschylus (Robert Fagles Translation)

Zeus has led us on to know, the Helmsman lays it down as law that we must suffer, suffer into truth. The Oresteia was written by our man Aeschylus during a golden age of Athens. Art and civility began to flourish at this city upon a hill, not long after a set of ravaging wars […]
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Police Blotter #13 – Satan’s Special Cookies


Weekly Recap – April 17th, 2015

This Weekly Recap is coming a little late in the morning. I was busy seeking absolution for my latest sins via sharp, metal instruments (read: getting my teeth cleaned). The week has been a good one. Not too fast, not too slow. I’m coming near the end of my month-long study of Aeschylus’ The Oresteia. As usual, expect a […]
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Police Blotter #12 – Feeling Deflated


Weekly Recap – April 10th, 2015

The winds have been kicking up, and with Spring doing the beautiful thing that it does, my allergy receptors are working overtime. I’ve almost created a local supply crisis for tea bags and Ricola. Hopefully I get over the hump by tomorrow so the family can enjoy the weekend outside. The research is still going well and I’m progressing […]
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How to Draw (Doodle) a Novel

I came across this yesterday and thought it meshed nicely with the concept of visual note-taking, something I recently read about in Hatch!. Seems like a fun way to plot the general pace/structure of a novel as well. -Phillip

Can You Solve This Puzzle For Me?

So, this is an interesting puzzle because it seems to say a lot about the solver. Try to figure it out before you read my take:

Police Blotter #11 – Don’t You Know Who I Am?


Weekly Recap – April 3rd, 2015

I’ve started research for a new writing project, but with a different approach this time. I’ve listed what I’m looking for based on my current outline before even diving in to a stack of books. I’m also forcing myself to skim more. I read over a dozen books on the Gold Rush and feudal Japan […]
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