Our Little Minion

A HUGE “Thank You” to L. Marie who knitted Angus his own Minion hat. As you can see, he loves it. I’d say the description of minions on the Despicable Me Wiki matches up: They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers and makes them relatable. They [...]
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Book Review – The Iliad by Homer (Robert Fagles Translation)

“Rage–Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles…” Whether cavemen throwing rocks, Greeks thrusting spears, or drones launching Hellfire missiles–it’s a sad fact that human beings are pretty good at fighting each other. One recent scientific study even suggests our hands evolved in order to throw better punches. And because our nature hasn’t really changed in the [...]
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Weekly Recap – October 10th, 2014

Since nothing much has changed on the writing front, how about a picture story of Angus: -Phillip

Weekly Recap – October 3rd, 2014

Blah. This past week was not a productive one, writing wise. Angus was a handful. His mom has had to deal with the majority of it, so I feel bad if I don’t provide some relief when I’m not in the office. Though I know I’ll miss his newborn cuteness, I look forward to the day he [...]
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My First Paycheck

Well, not my first paycheck ever, though the numbers on that one and this one weren’t too far apart. I’m talking about my first ever official writing income. I was pretty amused upon receiving this from Amazon the other day. Three years ago, in my reckless youth, I thought I could slap together any old short story and put [...]
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Wolf’s Tail – Chapter Four…

…is now up! This one is really a teaser scene, but hopefully brought some more tension and character building to the mix. I’ve begun work on the next one which will definitely be longer and more complex. I hope that I can get it done by Friday but that will depend on other responsibilities… Again, thanks [...]
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Weekly Recap – September 26th, 2014

This face says a million things, all different. I’m curious what you think is on Angus’ mind, so comment away. :) I’m also busy trying to finish the next scene of Wolf’s Tail so I can put it up on Wattpad. Though I managed to squeeze out a review, this week’s time was largely spent on family and the day job. [...]
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Book Review – Dead Man’s Hand (Anthology) by John Joseph Adams

“The game’s ‘Weird West,’ no limit, and everything’s wild.” If you’ve never heard of the Weird West genre, don’t feel too disconnected. I had no idea such a thing existed until I picked up Dead Man’s Hand – Anthology of the Weird West edited by John Joseph Adams. I knew the stuff I’ve been writing (Wolf’s [...]
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Occasional Soulmates — hot off the presses!

Originally posted on WHAT THE HELL:
Occasional Soulmates is live, baby! Get your ebook here ($3.99). Get your paperback here (currently $8.99, regularly $9.99). And don’t forget, for a little while longer, Yesterday Road is available for 99 cents. That means you can buy both Yesterday Road and Occasional Soulmates for under $5! Here’s the…

Wolf’s Tail – Chapter Three…

…is now up! For some reason, I had a difficult time putting this scene together. My eyes are a bit crossed this morning from reading and editing over the weekend. ;) As always, thank you for the support and feedback. You guys are the best! -Phillip


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