Weekly Recap – October 9th, 2015

I was out of town for most of the week at a technology conference. It was informative and I got to visit some extended family while I was there. Of course I missed my wife and Angus, so I was happy to be home last night. I don’t have anything interesting to say at the […]
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Police Blotter #35 – Bug Problem


Weekly Recap – October 2nd, 2015

It’s been a little over a week since my let-it-all-out post. You guys are the best listeners and I took all of your feedback to heart. I don’t have the capacity to express the huge amount of gratitude I have toward you all. Sincerely, thank you for being there. For the past week, I’ve held a steady course, […]
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Police Blotter #34 – Action Scene


Weekly Recap – September 25th, 2015

You guys are the best. There’s no other way to put it. I promise to respond to each of your comments individually, because you deserve no less. But… Today has been a fire-fighting day at work. That’s why this post is coming late. Still, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how […]
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Life loves cycles. Sound operates on repeating wave patterns. Economies fluctuate between boom and bust. The seasons do their thing. No matter where you look, it’s difficult not to find this pattern. Turns out my personal and professional lives (though the two are hard to distinguish anymore) run on cycles too. When events are on the upswing […]
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Police Blotter #33 – Odd Comparison


Weekly Recap – September 18th, 2015

Sorry folks, no words of wisdom for you today. Nothing really struck me this week, quote-wise. Instead, lots of things broke at the office and though I finished ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, I decided to take a break from my time-consuming book reviews. I’ll just say that it was classic King, though you could tell […]
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WitD – Warden

Previous scene: Elisha is taken to her new home. 12 · Warden No spoken words. Only silence and a quiet thought telling Elisha that she needed to breathe. So this is it. This is home. The hallways radiated a hum, feeling empty. What kind of home could she make for herself here? What was to be […]
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Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge – Day Three, Quote Three

I was nominated by the noble John Howell to participate in a “Three Days, Three Quotes” challenge. With the Weekly Recaps, quotes seem to be my thing lately, so why not throw in some more? “Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us […]
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