won't you be my neighbor…

Enter house,
remove jacket,
hang jacket,
remove sweater,
put on sweater,
sit down,
remove formal shoes,
put on sneakers,
begin adventure!

And when the adventure had ended, the process was reversed.


If there’s only one thing Mr. Rogers did well (and what cold-hearted monster would say it was only one thing?!), it was repetition. He had formed a routine until it not only became second nature for him, but also his viewers.

Amongst other endeavors in my life, that’s what I hope to do with my writing. Everyone has different obstacles, but I believe mine is a common one – fear that I’m just going to churn out garbage, so why waste the time. Surely all great artists sweat out nothing but perfection when they sit down to work, and if I can’t do the same, then I’m just barking up the wrong tree.

Stupid brain, always trying to trick me!

The sensible side of me realizes this isn’t the case and that <insert cliche here about cracking eggs and making omelets>. So far, I’ve been able to subdue the devil on my shoulder, but it’s a constant battle.

<insert another cliche about if certain battles were easy, they wouldn’t be worth winning>


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