whipped cream poured like waterfalls…

A delicious image to be sure… if only I could say writing topics were flowing just the same. I’m just going to type out a list of random thoughts here and see if they can work some magic..

  • Tired angels
  • A mouse with amnesia
  • Carrots refuse to be a part of the stew
  • A lonely hacker falls in love with his victim

Hmmm.. Surely I can pull some semblance of a story out of those!


0 thoughts on “whipped cream poured like waterfalls…

  1. 1. That video is AWFUL!
    2. I’d be interested in seeing where you can go with Tired Angels. Maybe just because I’m reading Paradise Lost.
    3. Don’t quit your day job just yet.

    1. 1. I know.
      2. It’s funny. That was the first theme to pop out of my fingers, but I have absolutely no idea where to go with it.
      3. Okay 🙁

  2. My vote goes to “Carrots who refuse to be part of the stew.” Think coming-of-age story meets culinary adventure.

    I think I’m just a sucker for anthropomorphized food.

    1. Yes! That’s the idea that seemed to grab me most. My brain was immediately flooded with some interesting narratives and where I could take that story. I’ve already begun my first draft and hope to have it posted for critique soon.
      Sorry Wes, remember that my brain named itself and therefore I have little control… Apparently it’s not big on tired angels at the moment.

  3. Is this the polling station?

    I vote for the carrots. Thanks for reminding me to put those on my shopping list. And “thanks” in advance for giving me whipped cream nightmares tonight. *shudder*

    1. Alright, well at least we have a majority now. Thanks for the vote! And my apologies for the video… I would hate knowing that I’ve ruined whipped cream for people! 🙂

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