Weekly Recap – January 24th, 2014


This week was filled with day job sobriety. You know, they call it a day job, but why is it I’m often greeted by the moon when I leave the office? The most I managed to get done otherwise was what you saw in yesterday’s post.

Next Friday’s edition will be more exciting, I promise.

Oh, I did update my About page on a whim (thanks Lauren). It has a picture of me in my natural habitat.

Have a great weekend everyone!


0 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – January 24th, 2014”

  1. Photos are always nice. 🙂 But it’s rough when a work schedule means leaving in the dark and returning in the dark. When I worked on textbooks, I rarely saw the sun. I felt like a vampire.

    Hope you can get some quality time on your writing.

  2. Happy Monday, Phillip! (Well, not really. I hate Mondays.) I hope you were able to get some writing done. Thanks to Jill’s post on childhood urban myths and the responses (including yours) to my comment, I actually wrote and posted a short story (well, flash fiction, I guess). Anyway, that was totally unexpected but much fun. Of course, it also meant that I didn’t work on my novel. Sigh 😉

    1. Yeah, not a fan of most Mondays myself, but Happy Monday to you as well! 🙂

      I WAS able to get some writing done, so happy about that. I’ll swing over and check out your short story this morning.

      And don’t worry about not working on the novel. At least you got some writing done. I get distracted easily as well. I guess the key is to not make a habit of it. 🙂

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