Weekly Recap – August 8th, 2014

One week from today, it’s very likely there will be a new McCollum in the world. Time certainly has her wings, because that girl can fly!

Between now and then, we’ll be making sure as much as possible is in place for Angus (I’d say “everything is in place,” but you all know how that goes).

In the meantime, mom and I are on yellow-alert:

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Oh wow is it that time already?! Seems not long ago you were just announcing it. Time is speeding by. Good luck with everything. What an exciting time for you! (My niece’s due date was yesterday, so I’m waiting for that text message any day now. 🙂 )

  2. I’m waaay late in the game here, Phillip. Perhaps by now you are a family of three! If not, best of luck for a smooth and healthy birth. If so, congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!

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