Unleash Your Ladybugs: How to Generate Brilliant Ideas

In an effort to combat the aphids invading our garden, we have invested in nature’s cure — ladybugs.

We purchased three containers, each one (the label promises) containing 1,500 ladybugs. That’s a total of 4,500 ladybugs. Who’s responsible for counting them? That’s gotta rank up there for one of the worst jobs in the world.

Anyway, the idea is to put them in the fridge so they’ll think it’s winter. This makes them docile so that when they’re released into the garden, they’re perfectly happy hanging around our plants and not anxious to go to everyone else’s plants.

So long as there are enough aphids to eat, they’ll stick around. Still, just like your dog making a mess on the carpet or your kid graduating high school, the inevitable happens.

The majority, if not all of the ladybugs, will fly away.

But, and this is a but so big that Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud, they will leave something behind.


And those larvae will continue to feed on any remaining aphids.

This all set me to thinking that it’s the perfect analogy for coming up with ideas. Quantity is your friend.

Generate, generate, generate.

Most of the thoughts will flutter away, better off in someone else’s garden anyway. Learn to be OK with that. But you won’t be left empty-handed. You will have eggs. Those are the keepers.

For some reason I have yet to divine, most people (my past self included) rack their brains waiting for that single great idea. Why not come up with a bunch of great ideas instead?

Put those ladybugs to work!


2 thoughts on “Unleash Your Ladybugs: How to Generate Brilliant Ideas

  1. looks like the ladybugs are getting to know each other before the aphid feast.

    1. Indeed. It was fascinating watching so many of them just swarming our plants.

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