time invested, time returned…

Woohoo! Thanks to all the well-wishers on my certification exam. I passed and am now free to focus on my next big project, “Things I’d Rather Do.”

At the top of the list in that project is – write a novel. I’m taking the plunge, dang-nabbit. If I fail, I fail. I only have myself to blame. But you can’t succeed without trying. I’ve already started on a couple of techniques to come up with fresh ideas and flesh out old ones:

Mind mapping – This just seemed like an ideal medium for me to branch out scenes and plots. I’ve been using bubbl.us since it’s web-based and I can access it from wherever I’m wired (or wireless).

Snowflake method – I’ve also decided to see if Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method for writing novels is for me. It seems to mesh with how I prefer to work, so things may bode well.


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  1. I like how your goal is “Write a novel”… So vague… not even “Write a -good- novel.” The only possible way to fail is to not even try… and then I will be VERY disappointed.

    On second thought, you didn’t even set a deadline… so the only way to fail is to die without ever trying. Awesome. Success will be a piece of cake.

    1. Hah, you’re on to me. Lord knows if I could ever write a ‘good’ novel, but at least I know I can write ‘a’ novel.

      And I get your point on the deadline… so let’s say that I should have a first draft completed by the end of January. Never having written a novel, I have the privilege of being completely ludicrous and arbitrary in my deadlines!

  2. Good luck and congrats on your decision to write a novel. It can be done, and I’m sure you’ll do better than just write ‘a’ novel. It will be a stellar thing! Even if nobody ever reads it. šŸ˜‰

    Follow your passion.

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