The Huffallum

The Huffallum


Phillip McCollum

The Huffallum stretched and groaned as he woke up from a long night of sleep. He rubbed his tiny, little eyes and wondered why the house was so quiet.

Still, he went about his morning routine. He got out of the warm bed and brushed his teeth which were as sharp as nails. Then he polished his nails which were as sharp as teeth. He washed under his hairy arms and around his back until he smelled like flowers.

When he was done, the Huffallum left the bathroom and entered the living room, only to find it empty. Mom was not reading a book in her chair and Dad was not at his desk, doing what he called tinkering.

“Mom?” the Huffallum asked.

There was no reply.

“Dad?” he asked.

Again, no reply.

The Huffallum began to feel scared. This was all so unusual. Every morning, he would wash up and then come out to the living room to see Mom reading a book and Dad tinkering. A warm bowl of pookanut soup would be waiting for him on the table.

Where could they have gone?

The Huffallum searched every room in the house, which did not take long since there were only three rooms and they were all very small. He looked under the couch, he searched under the bed, and he even crawled under the kitchen table.

Mom and Dad were still nowhere to be found.

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