2019 Goals Recap – Week #5

23,000 words divvied up among six short stories. 14,000 words for the first novel. 3,600 words for the blog. A grand total of 40,600 words… …all in the month of January. I gotta say, when you eat the elephant a chunk at a time, it’s amazing what you can get down. Here’s to hoping I can maintain this pace moving …

Growth Mindset and Goals

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford Your brain is plastic. No, not necessarily made of plastic (though sometimes I wonder about my own…), but it has the same properties. It can stretch and compress throughout your lifetime, which, believe it or not, is a process that has only become widely accepted by neuroscientists in …

2019 Goals - Week 4
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2019 Goals Recap – Week #4

I usually start with the food, but I figure since most of you are probably more interested in the writing vs. whatever I’m shoving down my gullet, you’d be better served if I rearranged things. 🙂 This week saw me averaging a little over 1,400 words a day. I started out focusing on my novel but spent the past couple …

Can You Get Better at Art?

“But the artist must employ the symbols in use in his day and nation, to convey his enlarged sense to his fellow-men. Thus the new in art is always formed out of the old.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Art Before we begin, I want to point out that everything I plan to highlight in Learning How to Learn Fiction has been said before. I’m not …

2019 Goals - Week 2

2019 Goals Recap – Week #2

Saturday was eaten up by traveling and lots of family time when we visited my parents, so I went for something pretty simple today — Baked brie with a grape chutney. I found the recipe in a Costco magazine we get delivered and said, “Hey, that looks good.” And then I said, “Oh, and I’ve never baked brie.” Perfect.

Writing/Publishing Mentor Opportunity

Writers: Dean Wesley Smith, a name you’ve heard me mention multiple times on this blog as an excellent writing resource and inspiration, is offering a one-year (at least–see his post linked below for details) mentorship opportunity for $3,000. If you have the money to invest, this seems like a Willy Wonka golden ticket chance. I mention both writing and publishing …

Know My Place

It’s been a couple of weeks since I returned from my first in-person WMG workshop in Las Vegas and my noodle is still rattling around my skull, trying desperately to make sense of the information flood. I learned about podcasting, audiobooks, gaming rights, merchandise licensing, Hollywood contracts, discoverability, marketing, branding, social media, and ohmyGodsomuchmore… It. was. a. lot. But there was …

Fantastic Shorts Book Cover - Vol 2
Fantastic Shorts Book Cover - Vol 1
Book Release
Book Release

I Wrote Some Books

Today is a day that for seven years, seemed like that dream where you’re running and running towards something but that something seemed to only get further and further away. I’m happy to say I’ve finally reached that something–publication. For those that don’t know, this time last year, I was in the throes of writing a short story every week and …

The Witch of the Narrows

The Witch of the Narrows by Phillip McCollum You wouldn’t believe me if I told you it was all hearsay and legend. But I know you, Pat, and you’re gonna be stuck in one of your funks, unable to let it go, completely useless to me as a client and a friend. So, I may as well tell you what …