Resolutely Resolving My Rubik’s Cube

Resolving to be Resolute
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2017’s beady eyes are peering over the horizon, and it’s the first time that I’ve bothered to look back in earnest at promises made in the haze of New Year enthusiasm.

Sounds like progress, right? Right.

So let’s see how those puzzle pieces are lining up: Read more “Resolutely Resolving My Rubik’s Cube”

Weekly Recap – February 6th, 2015

I think I wanna play the harmonica!
I think I wanna play the harmonica!

Two co-workers in training + two with the flu made for a week that never seemed to end. I made it to Friday with only a few bruises. That has to count for something, no? 🙂 Still, I’m not out of the weeds yet as I’m on-call this weekend.

But with my new-found “Gotta Get Organized!” mindset, I made time for family, reading, and writing. If I can do it, I’m pretty sure most anyone can. If you find yourself falling behind and are seeing your goals edge further toward the horizon, I recommend you find a way to manage your time. Though you’ll see forthcoming posts on how I do it, they won’t tell you how you should do it. I think everyone needs to find not only a way that works for them, but also a level of organization that works for them. You’ll know you’re on to something when you can look back at the end of the week and be genuinely proud of your accomplishments.

Anyway, more on that later. For now, enjoy the weekend!


Weekly Recap – January 30th, 2015

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That “Did I remember to lock my car?” moment…

This was a screwy week for me, work-wise, but Friday has arrived and I’m ready for a relaxing weekend spent with family and friends.

I’ve begun outlining a series of blog posts based on my new productivity kick, so expect to see the first installment soon. Also, I’ve lined up Police Blotter posts for every Monday reaching into April, so I hope you find those as fun as I do.

If I manage to squeeze out my journal entries tonight and tomorrow, that will put me at the one-month mark for daily writing! I’m pretty proud of that, but I’ll be even more proud when I hit two months. I’ve really been enjoying the experience. It’s funny just how many things I forget during the day that come back to mind when I’m putting down words.

Stay safe folks and if you’re watching the Superbowl, enjoy. If you’re not, take advantage of the lack of traffic!


Weekly Recap – January 23rd, 2015

“Withering tears, what good can come of tears? None I know of.” – Homer, The Odyssey

Some of my accomplishments this week:

  • I’m halfway through my second reading of The Odyssey. Once that’s completed, I’ll post a review. If you can’t sleep or have a sadomasochistic streak, you can find my messy, ever-growing notes here.
  • I wrote a follow-up to my Grand Wattpad Experiment.
  • Angus is getting more interested in books! He thinks they’re delicious. *shrug* It’s a start.

Other than those items, I have to say, this new found “life organization” project has me breathing more easily each day. With my mind more at ease, I’m actually accomplishing goals, I’ve also begun carving up time for working on a novel again. Who woulda thunk? Of course, the recently converted are always the most fervent. Once the luster wears off in a month or two, it will be interesting to see where things lie.

I wish you all a great weekend!


Know Thyself

dec 20 2014jc small

A new year arrives on Thursday and I find myself at a crossroads.

Now, I don’t mean to trivialize problems far greater than mine that others are facing. For me, life is generally good. I mean, come on…look at that cutie on the left (obviously Angus, not me).

But in some seriousness, I’m wondering what is becoming of this ‘writing career’ I’ve been inching toward the past few years.

You may, or may not, have noticed sporadic posts on this blog over the past few months. The birth of a child has been more than a slight detour off Routine Road; it’s been a total loss of pavement, sending me white-knuckled over a field of potholes, ditches and sharp rocks.

And that’s thanks to just one healthy kid! I feel nothing but the utmost admiration for those who have more than one, or whose children have medical issues, and manage to get things done. You people are amazing.

Still, this new priority has entered my life and as I’ve become frustrated in my other endeavors, I’ve had to ask myself, “What’s really important to me now?” I’ve grown tired of beating myself up for not accomplishing everything I’d like to accomplish.

To carry on a cliché: There has to be a better way.

A time management course I took in October gave me the tools to look at the various roles in my life: Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, Author, Blogger, Engineer, Athlete, Student, and Chef to name a few. The idea was to honestly probe each role in order to determine my goals and discover what matters in one’s life.

As it turns out, a lot of things matter. I want to be an awesome dad, a loving husband, a thoughtful son, a fun brother, and a true friend. I want to become a successful fiction author. I want to regularly blog brilliant words of wisdom. I want to make meaningful contributions at work. I want to fit comfortably in my pants again. I want to read and study “the classics.” I want to give those 10-year-old, souffle-making Masterchefs a run for their money in my own kitchen.

That’s just a sample, but as you’ve figured out by now, there’s not enough time in the day to be really good at all of those things. We mammals require this ridiculous thing called sleep.

Therefore, the question of “What’s really important to me now?” naturally becomes, “What’s really, really important to me now?”

The list becomes smaller at that point. Family will always be #1. The job supporting my family becomes #2. Right now, to do those two things well, seems to require 90% of my time (I’m only counting the time I’m not snoring in bed). The other 10% is enough time to read a chapter or section of a book and take notes, or draft a blog post, or cook a fun dinner, or unwind by playing a game on my tablet.

#1 may get less time consuming with Angus, or more time consuming, as he gets older (the answer seems to depend on who I ask). My hope is that I can implement more automation and delegation for #2, making room for other roles on my list.

So, did you guys catch it yet?

The sharp readers likely noticed “Author” is off the shortlist. Following much thought and consternation, I’ve realized my top two priorities don’t leave me the time required to enter that ‘fictive dream state” required to write a novel at the level of quality of which I’d be satisfied. The planning, researching, outlining, writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, cost more time than I’m willing to pay right now. Those are minutes I can spend playing with Angus, talking with my wife, running errands, cleaning the house on a regular basis, and gaining knowledge through reading and study.

Writing a novel is still a dream of mine and always will be. I can’t wait to chase it again. But I’m no longer going to get down on myself for not giving it the attention it requires.

Of course, things change and only a fool sails against the wind. It will be interesting to see where things lie in the middle of 2015.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year and wish you success in your own goals!


Weekly Recap – August 1st, 2014

It’s been a long while since I posted a Weekly Recap. In all fairness to myself (it’s good to be fair to yourself every once in awhile), I’ve been spending a lot of writing time on Wolf’s Tail and other fiction.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I don’t have anything special planned; at least not special in the sense that I’m jumping out of an airplane. Just something like a nice dinner and watching a movie or two with my wife, but I enjoy nice dinners and watching movies with my wife.

As a kid, I used to wonder why my parents never got as excited about their birthdays as I did. Hitting thirty-six this year, I’m getting it. I don’t mean to make birthdays sound all bad. They’re a good reminder that life is short and we’re not growing any younger. To state it more eloquently, they warn us that we need to sh*t or get off the pot. Sitting there just makes our legs go numb.

One birthday I’m very excited about is my son’s. If the daily (and nightly) punches and kicks are any indication, the little guy is ready for an upgrade and should be right on time. Mom’s cozy studio apartment isn’t cutting it anymore.

Anyway, I wish you all a pleasant and safe weekend!



Weekly Recap – April 25th, 2014 – Overwhelmed but Kicking

Mea culpa for the missed entry last week. I didn’t have much to say. Not that I have much to say today, but I figured I should check in.

Getting ready for crunch time in the office. Beginning in May, I will be working almost every weekend and a lot of extra hours for a couple of months. Somebody, somewhere above me thinks more is always better than less, so why not take on multiple large and complex projects at the same time?


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. There are a lot of folks out there who wouldn’t mind being overloaded if it meant they could live more comfortably or even just get by.

On the baby front, mama and him (did I mention he’s a him?) are doing great. We received good news from the doc yesterday that mom will likely be off modified bed rest within 2-4 weeks. Also, our boy is a little over 1.5 pounds at this point and if his keeping mom up at night is any indication, we’re dealing with a future Karate Kid. Maybe a Pelé. Or maybe he’ll lead the future with some soccer-karate hybrid sport. I’d watch that. (Apparently someone had the same idea.)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Weekly Recap – December 13th, 2013

Happy Friday everyone. I’m usually not the superstitious type, so I will make no mention of it being the 13th, other than that one right there.

This post will be short and sweet as my week has been filled with the following items:

1.) Day job. Booooooring.

2.) Studying for an IT re-certification test which I will be taking Monday morning. Boooooring.

3.) Research reading. Exciting! Learning so much about life centered around the California gold rush. The rags to riches to rags stories are epic.

This weekend will be full of #2 and #3 for me, so I will have to live vicariously through you guys. Don’t let me down!


730 days later…

“Yeah, but this time will be different.”

When people say that, does anyone ever really believe them? After the umpteenth time, do they believe it themselves?

It’s been two years since my first post on this little acreage of Internet. I’ve owned(?) at least two blogs in the past, probably more. Only one of them amounted to something and that was a technical blog which helped me and others study for IT certification. As soon as I got that certificate, I didn’t care anymore so I stopped posting.

Then November of 2011 arrived and was concieved over a cup of coffee. My friend and I were talking about life and I was bitching about work. He asked me what I wanted to do. Well, the answer was obvious – to sit around in my underwear, play video games and read books all day. Hadn’t, and still haven’t, found a way to make that pay the bills though.

But seriously, he was asking what did I really want to do.

I paused for a second and said, “Write a novel.”

To this day, I honestly have no idea where the hell that came from. I’d always loved reading fiction, but had never considered writing it. My father has the gift of storytelling, but I’ve always been a better listener than a talker. I can say that the urge to create was always with me, but that usually was limited to doodling on scratch paper or writing songs.

Writing though? Huh?

This friend encouraged me to start a blog.  As I mentioned earlier, I’d been down that road before and I had no reason to believe it would go anywhere new.

“Yeah, but this time will be different.”

He told me to write something every day and post short stories. In return, he promised he would read them. You can find the first one here. Go ahead, it’s okay to cringe and giggle.

I began with small ambitions, but two hundred and fifty posts later, this blog still stands. Along the way, I decided to drop my virtual pants and let my name flap in the wind. became I don’t go out of my way to tell people I’m a writer, but if they find my blog, I won’t deny it.

After these two years, I feel like I’ve accomplished a few tasks:

I’ve written some articles on my favorite How-To Fiction book.

I’ve finished the first draft of my first novel.

I’m on my second year of attempting NaNoWriMo.

It’s funny where time chooses to take you. Often, I’ve tried to define the purpose of this place: a home for short stories, a not-so-private journal, a narrative of my path to becoming an author. My hopes are that it will eventually be a place where I can convince people to buy my books. For now, I’m happy to watch it float along listlessly stuffed with a little bit of everything.

Before I click the “Publish” button, I want to say one last thing:

“Thanks for hanging out with me.”

I don’t deserve an audience just because I write things on the Internet. I don’t brew up wonderful photos and articles. I don’t have military experiences to color my fiction. I don’t draw cool cartoons. I don’t share a lot of funny missives about people I know. All in all, I’m not particularly fascinating. But it’s nice to know that at least some of the things I say interest you guys just as much as some of the things you say interest me.