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California Gold Rush Country – Day One

I like having things to do on trips, but I’m not one to draw up detailed itineraries. Rigidity kills the spirit or at least throws a wet blanket over its head. Though initially planned as a research outing, I was bringing my wife along to California Gold Rush country. Her interests are not my own. I didn’t want to be …

Gold Rush Trip – Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek from day one… so glad my wife knows how to handle a camera. You wouldn’t want to see my attempts. Today we’re rappelling 165 feet down a cave. – Phillip

Weekly Recap – July 5th, 2013

I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed their Fourth of July. My ear infection seemed to be on its way out yesterday, so I was able to enjoy the fireworks without sandwiching my head between pillows. I’ve you’ve ever ridden in a car and had the window down on only one side, than you likely understand the low frequency flutter effect …