Done Right By You

Courtesy of Rob Lee on Flickr –

Burl Langston leaned against the cedar post. Behind him, a few longhorns mulled about. On the other side of the fence, clouds of dust hung over the plains like soiled cotton as countless shorthorns spilled onto a patch of alfalfa. Burl’s toothpick splintered, so he spit out the pieces. He had plans today, like every day, but a seething anger pulled him here on yet another morning. Read more “Done Right By You”

Datu Jiri

Last month, I buried my nose in several books regarding the Spanish-American War and the Filipino Moro insurgency against the U.S. in the early 20th century. Fascinating stuff that mainly had to do with researching my work-in-progress, but it inspired some flash fiction. The following is one of several flash pieces I’ve been working on lately. Expect them to pop up randomly.

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