Princess Soup-Bone

Princess Soup-Bone by Phillip McCollum The fact that Davis and Luca were putting their pans and shovels away indicated, for all intents and purposes, that they believed the old girl would not be found that morning. Johnny had been out on the hunt for over two hours, so the two men made the most of their time. They packed camp …

Sonora ca bing map
Sonora ca google map

California Gold Rush Country – Day One

I like having things to do on trips, but I’m not one to draw up detailed itineraries. Rigidity kills the spirit or at least throws a wet blanket over its head. Though initially planned as a research outing, I was bringing my wife along to California Gold Rush country. Her interests are not my own. I didn’t want to be …

Weekly Recap – November 15th, 2013

My wife and I returned home from our Gold Country trip on Wednesday afternoon. I took the rest of the week off for vacation from our vacation. 🙂 Words can barely express what an opportunity it was to explore such a fascinating part of California, which prior to this year, I never even thought twice about. It was so inspiring …

Gold Rush Trip – Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek from day one… so glad my wife knows how to handle a camera. You wouldn’t want to see my attempts. Today we’re rappelling 165 feet down a cave. – Phillip

Studio Intermission

I’m taking a rare day off from work and heading out to Universal Studios Hollywood with my wife. Neither of us have been there in a long time. To give you an idea of just how long, my memories include the (original) Battlestar Glactica ride: Standing next to a freshly caught Jaws: And sitting behind the wheel of KITT: I wish …

Lanes Lane

The two-lane highway stretched and dipped over the barren landscape, snaking every few miles. Creosote plants, shrubs of Mormon Tea, and the occasional dilapidated house were the only breaks in endless sand. It was close to noon on a hot June day, 1997. Sunbeams were bouncing off the metallic-blue ’74 Plymouth Duster. Two white pinstripes raced down its sides and …