Stop. Rewind. Play it Again.


The 52-story-challenge is going great, but I’m going to pivot on my posting schedule. Originally I was going to put the first story up tomorrow, but I realized that I didn’t take into account the time needed to line- and copy-edit the work. Nothing structural really, but it seemed a good idea to put some space between finishing the story and fixing any sentence-level issues.

If I can pull it off tomorrow, great, but I’m not counting on it. When I’m at work I can spend an hour in the morning and an hour at lunch on the writing. The weekends aren’t so easy since Angus doesn’t understand lunch breaks, so it’s just the mornings until he wakes up.

When I do post the story, I also look forward to giving a full account of the process I’ve gone through this past week. It’s been enlightening and encouraging.

See you tomorrow.


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