smashing and spreading the word…

I’ve begun to look into some options for getting my short stories out to a wider audience:

  • Short Story Compilations (e-zines and printed journals)
    • I figure this would be an excellent way to get out there as well as build up my resume. Just in case, you know, someday I finish my novel and begin the dreaded submission process. A couple of excellent (and free) resources came across my radar:
      • – This site has a powerful search engine so you can really narrow down your hunt. I mean, we’re talking down to the level of royalties and word length.
      • – It’s pretty obvious this website hasn’t changed its design since its inception in 1994, but I kinda like the nostalgia factor (if one can be nostalgic over 1994). The search capabilities aren’t quite up to snuff, but there is a lot of content to mine through.
  • Self-Publishing
    • I just put up four of my short stories for free on Smashwords. My wife had recently begun downloading free short stories on her new Nook and she would actually leave reviews for each one. I would love that! Through Smashwords, I’m able to get my stories out to the big sites and make them compatible with multiple electronic readers. I don’t have my heads entirely in the clouds, so I’m not expecting a whole lot from this, but at least the opportunity is there.



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  1. Nice!

    It’s odd, we have all these media tools at our disposal, but it still seems hard to get the stuff out there. I seem to get a lot of hits from using generic tags (humor, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) so that’s one way.

    This is something I’m focusing on in my grad program (building your name/platform/community).

    Let me know if you have any success!

    1. You’re right. I think marketing, if anything, has become more elusive with the more options we’ve been given. I’d love to see some posts on your blog about what you learn through your research!

      I’ll keep everyone updated on the blog too. *fingers crossed*

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