Second (and third, and fourth, and…) Chances

“One of the lies would make it out that nothing
Ever presents itself before us twice.
Where would we be at last if that were so?
Our very life depends on everything’s
Recurring till we answer from within.
The thousandth time may prove the charm”

-Robert Frost, Snow

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of hearing the right thing at the right time. It makes even the hardest heart believe, if only for a second, in something beyond the material.

As I take on new challenges designed to solve old problems, I’m comforted by this Robert Frost poem. It makes a believer out of me. It renews my verve.

After years of procrastination, dread, head-banging heartache, feeling unworthy, stupid, and generally unable to create something ‘good’ — as I read these six lines, all of those poor recollections were thrown into a dingy old potato sack and tossed in the garbage can where they belong.

It’s not too late for you. Try a different tack and keep trying until you “answer from within.”

Snow, in particular, has become my favorite Robert Frost poem (granted, I’ve only read thirty-two of them). If you’ve ever been frustrated while aspiring to achieve your dreams, and I’m pretty sure you have because, you know, you’re human, please take some time out of your day to read Frost’s perfect ode to our common struggle.


[Snowfall image courtesy of Max Pixel]

4 thoughts on “Second (and third, and fourth, and…) Chances

  1. It’s wonderful when poetry impacts us in positive ways. I wish you the best as you take on your new challenges.

    1. Thank you, Amal! I’m trying not to kick myself for starting my poetry journey so late in life, but ‘the thousandth time’ seems to be the charm.

  2. We all need to take a breath. Nice reminder, Phillip

    1. Indeed. Thank you, John.

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