publication elation…

I’m still in state of shock, though thankfully it’s diminishing over time or else I wouldn’t be able to function at work. The short story I submitted to eFiction Magazine was accepted and will be a part of the April 2012 issue!

It’s awesome enough that my story will be featured in this magazine, but even more awesome is the motivation it’s given me to keep writing. I feel like I’m getting a little better with each strange idea and set of thoughts I set down on digital paper. Though I’m naive about many things, I realize this path doesn’t run downhill forever and I’ll hit that upward slope of antipathy and defeat before I know it. But for the time being, I’m as happy as a clam. 🙂


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  1. Congratulations. Good story ideas, and hard work pays off. And from what I’ve seen since joining your site, you are full of good stories and work hard, so you deserve it. Rest in this moment and enjoy it! I’m so happy for you:)

      1. Yes, it’s the toughest thing I’ve done, but it’s in my soul as I’m sure it is in yours, and I couldn’t walk away from it, I’ve tried doing that once, but returned shortly, just because of the rewards you speak of. 🙂 I think only true artists and writers understand that, though.

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