Prepare Yourself

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

Every evening, before I go to bed, I perform the following ritual:

  • Pull out the gym clothes I’ll be wearing the next morning.
  • Pull out the work clothes I’ll be changing into after my post-workout shower.
  • Pack my gym bag with a towel and work shoes.
  • Put my gym shoes besides the gym bag.
  • Prep my coffee maker so I just have to hit a button to start brewing.
  • Put BCAA powder in my shaker bottle so I just need to fill it with water.
  • Put the dirty-laundry basket by the front door so I can start the wash before I leave for the gym.

All of these things take a few minutes, but they save me from having to make decisions when I wake up bleary-eyed, barely able to brush my teeth. I quickly learned that if I wanted to limit the resistance of an early morning workout, I had to prepare for it.

I’ve applied this philosophy to writing (always have a scratch file on my phone ready for notes), reading (always have a magazine and book in my backpack), my day job (block out my calendar a week in advance for certain tasks), and so on. The key has been to identify what I can do ahead of time to make the actual event happen as easily as possible.

This isn’t to say my life is consumed by a monotonous, soul-sucking adherence to schedule. I try to leave room for serendipity, but I’ve found I’m more productive (read: happier) if I can maintain a rhythm.

How do you prepare yourself for the important work?


[Gym bag image courtesy of J Dimas on Flickr]

2 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself

  1. I prepare for the important work by showing up.

    1. A must. Thanks John

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