10 thoughts on “Learning How to Learn Fiction – Introduction

  1. I look very forward to this, Phillip. And I’ll share. Thanks.

    1. Appreciate the input and support, Harvey! I’m pretty excited to share some of the stuff I’ve been learning along the way.

  2. Interesting post, Phillip. You are a work in progress for sure.

    1. Thanks, John. I’m enjoying all of this “work” when it seems mostly like play. 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan of studying the craft, Phillip. I have an entire bookcase filled with books on writing. That said, the only way to get better is to sit down and write. The more we write, eventually we discover our voice which can’t be taught from a book. Happy Weekend!

    1. Well said, Jill! We can read and absorb all day, but if we’re not taking practical action, we’re not really learning something useful.

      What I’ve been learning, too, is that we can make even better use of our writing time by working with our brain instead of against it, getting incrementally better each time. I’ve been so excited to sit down and write, just knowing each time that I’m improving in some way.

  4. I may be in a group of one in that I have very few books on the craft of writing. I love to study how writers write, but when advice becomes prescriptive, my eyes glaze over and my brain turns off. Of course, I have had enough books on the craft of knitting to fill a library, but that feels so different. That said, I look forward to your series. I guess you could say I’m using you to distill all the writing knowledge I should be seeking for myself 😉

    1. You’re ten steps ahead of the rest of us then, Marie. 🙂 There’s so much advice out there and it’s so hard for someone starting out to discern the good from the bad. I’m thankful to have found some good writers who have steered me in the direction of finding what works for you instead of, as you said precisely, being prescribed something! Hopefully I can help some other writers who are on the path like me, learn to experiment for themselves and choose whatever gets them having fun again.

      1. I often say you’re an inspiration and you are. I love that you explain the writing process for all your 52 stories. You don’t prescribe; you just share what has or has not worked for you. That helps me ?

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