I Wrote Some Books

Today is a day that for seven years, seemed like that dream where you’re running and running towards something but that something seemed to only get further and further away.

I’m happy to say I’ve finally reached that something–publication. For those that don’t know, this time last year, I was in the throes of writing a short story every week and publishing it on my blog along with the process I went through for each one.

I’ve taken those short stories and broken them up into three books–one for writers and two for readers.

52 Stories in 52 Weeks contains all 52 stories plus the processes that went behind composing each one. I also include some general advice and lessons learned over the course of this writing challenge.

Fantastic Shorts: Volume One and Fantastic Shorts: Volume Two contain an even split of 26 of the stories that I wrote. If you’re not interested in the writing process and just want some fun short stories to read, these are for you!

Guys, I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of the supportive family and friends. Every one of you means the world to me and I’m truly grateful for your words of encouragement and taking time out of your busy lives to make yourselves a part of mine.

With these books done, it’s time to reach for that next something. This writing adventure is only beginning and I can’t wait to see what comes down the pipe.


20 thoughts on “I Wrote Some Books”

  1. Dude – congrats – and I love, love, love your covers!! Who did? And, of course, I’m gonna adore your content. Where does one purchase?

  2. Congratulations, Philip! After reading many of these stories and the descriptions of your writing processes, I’m excited for new readers and writers to discover you and your books. Can’t wait to see where your muse leads you next!

  3. Hey Phillip!

    Congrats on publishing your book…your first? As an early birthday present to myself, I just bought it. Can’t wait to start reading it.

    I’m still very impressed by your 52 week journey, and I’m seriously considering doing something similar, although I don’t know yet how I’ll carve out enough time to write one new story every single week.

    I just launched my new website and will be sharing my goal online. If you don’t mind, can I link to your website to tell all my friends about you? Not sure how much traffic it will generate, but I’d like people to see where I got the idea for the challenge.

    Your pal,


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the support, Morgan, and Happy early Birthday to you! I’d be flattered if you shared my journey, so please, go ahead.

      I can’t recommend the challenge enough. Even if you don’t get through the full 52, you’ll undoubtedly write way more than you would have otherwise, and writing more is always a great thing. ?

      I look forward to following your progress!

  4. Wow! You made those covers yourself?! They are awesome. I am SO SO HAPPY for you, Phillip! What a great idea to have separate volumes for writers and readers. Wow. Just. Wow. 🙂

  5. Wonderful, Phillip!

    I’d heard about Ray’s ‘mental hygiene’ challenge to writers before but I’d never followed the progress of anyone actually doing and living it.

    Congratulations on the challenge and on publishing the stories.

    1. Thank you, Mark! The hygiene routine has been enlightening and has exposed me to so many different voices and ideas. Five out of five stars. 😉

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