Thanks to John Howell for passing on this particular challenge. It’s a little frightening to peek into the past, but here I am for all to see.

That was an embarrassing hop back in time. I think I was a little angry about work or something, so it would seem. But anyway, it appears that if I had made that bet on whether I’d still be here almost four years later, I would have lost. Here I am, chugging along with some awesome friends.

Speaking of awesome friends, I’m supposed to nominate five others to embarrass the heck out of themselves, so here they are! As always, participation is optional. No feelings hurt if you choose to disregard, but I thought the past introspection could be fun.

Jill Weatherholt

Oliver Gray

L. Marie

Gwen Stephens

Jex Collyer



0 thoughts on “FIRST POST CHALLENGE”

  1. Well, thanks for the nomination, friend! I think I’m up for the challenge, and taking a cringe-worthy look back in time. So the idea is, we reblog our first post ever? Yeesh.

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