Cookin’ Burgers

Try as I might, I’m having a hard time finding something engaging to talk about today. Must be the heat.

I thought I would share a cookbook based on a cartoon: The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book 

Not only are the three recipes we’ve tried so far delicious and unique, but the writers have imparted their senses of humor onto the text. Bob’s Burgers was a show my wife and I could not stand after the first few viewings, but somehow Angus grew attached to the animation and we’ve actually fallen for the odd, lovable family.

Anyway, the recipes are put together by this guy, and are based on the fake “Burger of the Day” chalkboarded in each episode.

How can you go wrong with burgers named “A Good Manchego is Hard to Find” or “To Err is Cumin?”

FYI, for the herbivores among us, these can all be converted to vegetarian.

Happy Burgering!


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