A Scone’s Throw

Today got away from me, but I’m still planning on posting my sixth story tomorrow. For now, I’m going to relax with my wife and enjoy another positively evil, craving-inducing episode of The Great British Baking Show. -Phillip

Why, Oh, Why?

There’s a lot of things you wonder about when you are a parent, but the burning question of the month: Who the hell decided O (“Oh”) and 0 (“Zero”) should practically be the same shape? -Phillip

The Sordid Tale of Johnny Reb and the Lebanese Pizza

We’re still under an excessive heat warning, so we skipped out on attending a local civil war re-enactment today. It was so much fun going last year and we were really looking forward to it, but alas, the cannonades were not in the cards. Instead, we stuffed our faces with delicious Lebanese pizza. If you’ve never had it before, try …

Have You Done Your Beautiful Deed?

To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone.1 I’m propelling myself out of bed on a Tuesday morning and I’m of two minds: Congratulations! says one. Go the hell back to sleep says the other. After enough inoculation, I’ve become pretty good at ignoring the latter. Don’t get …

Roasted Green Chiles

If you can put my Anglo last name out of your mind for a minute (it’s complicated), I descend from a long line of Spanish colonists that settled in New Mexico and intermixed with the local Native Americans. There’s some fascinating heritage there that could fill books (and it has), but the reason for my telling you about it right now is …

Charlie – Another Short One

Vacation really does cut into this whole routine thing. Anyway, here’s a shot of a lizard I’ve christened Charlie. We discovered him at a local reptile zoo. Angus didn’t want to take him home. Not sure why. I think he’d make a fantastic pet! -Phillip

Fair Trade

Not much to say, but I wasn’t about to skip out on today’s post and break my streak. We’ve been enjoying some vacation time after all the chaos in July. Above is a shot from yesterday’s activities. I hope you’re taking time to enjoy the summer! -Phillip

Believe It or Not, You Have a Choice

Life gives us many choices. Sometimes they may not appear to be there, but they are. Sometimes they are pretty tough, but that doesn’t eliminate their existence. These days, we have more opportunity than ever to achieve our goals and twice that amount of opportunity to distract ourselves. “The cost is too high,” you say. The cost of failure. Of embarrassment. …