2019 Goals - Week 2

2019 Goals Recap – Week #2

Saturday was eaten up by traveling and lots of family time when we visited my parents, so I went for something pretty simple today — Baked brie with a grape chutney. I found the recipe in a Costco magazine we get delivered and said, “Hey, that looks good.” And then I said, “Oh, and I’ve never baked brie.” Perfect.

2019 Goals - Week #1

2019 Goals Recap – Week #1

This Week’s Key Lesson — Read the directions, re-read the directions, and then re-re-read them. You probably missed a thing. Or three. So here’s how it was supposed to look: And here’s how it came out: What did I miss? Chocolate Ganache – I should have let the melted chocolate cool for a minute before adding the cream. It became …