Book Review – Our Children Are Not Our Children by Kevin Brennan

Author and all around most excellent guy, Kevin Brennan, has compiled and published five short stories that hover a magnifying glass over the family unit. Sure, it’s been done before, but the magic is in the execution.  Brennan provides just enough focus to show us the good and the bad without burning the subjects to a crisp.

Each story rings with truth, folks. Every single one of them unleashed a memory of a parent or child I’ve known during my 36 years on this planet. My favorite story was Overexposure. It reminded me of a lot of certain hippies-turned-parents that lived in my rural town, imparting their views on freedom and latitude to their children.

My only disappointment was that there weren’t more bite-sized tales to munch on. I know that sounds lame, but I could find no fault with the stories themselves. Perhaps Kevin will grace us with a second volume.

In the meantime, brook no delay and grab this quick read for only 99 pennies. Don’t do it just to support a fellow writer in arms, because that’s a poor solitary reason on which to base your purchase. Do it because it’s a good representation of the short story craft.


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  1. Perfect timing for your review, Phillip. I bought Kevin’s book on Friday and read it Saturday while on the treadmill. I loved the ongoing dialogue of Car Trip, but my favorite was Day Care. Like you, I’m hoping for a second volume.

  2. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for this, Phillip. You make ME want to read it!

    I especially like your line about not burning the subjects to a crisp. Always a worthy goal in fiction writing, eh? 😉

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