Image courtesy of Wikimedia
Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The metal folding chair was doing a number on Sharon’s back. Along with a handful of arm-crossed citizens, she sat before the town council and watched them stuff their faces with slices of cherry pie that the Mayor’s wife had brought in. Sharon’s stomach churned. She was too nervous to partake.

Mayor Harold Langley completed roll call and updated the small crowd on playground repairs at Langley Park. Next came the registered concerns.

“The council will now address a proposal put forth by various, and might I say upstanding, members of the community.”

Sharon shifted.

“The proposal calls for the exile of one Sharon Woods, a resident of 12 Armadillo Ave. She is deemed a danger to the physical safety and moral fabric of the community, due to her recorded occupation as ‘High Priestess of Satan.'”

Chairs creaked as heads turned. She wanted to jump up and leave, but her conscience would have never let her hear the end of it.

“There is a request from Ms. Woods to petition the council. Per council rule thirty-seven-point-six, sub-section Q, she is granted three minutes to plead her defense.”

He took a sip of his coffee and half-heartedly waved her towards the dais. Sharon took a moment to compose herself and then marched toward the microphone. Harry’s wife and fellow council member, Helen, narrowed her eyes. Bits of crust dangled at the corners of her mouth.

“Good–,” Sharon’s voice cracked. Feedback rang out from the microphone. She cleared her throat and backed up.

“Good evening, council members. Fellow citizens.”

She stared at the pale faces around the room.

“I am here to plead my right to stay in Greenfield, home to six generations of Woods.”

Suddenly, her microphone cut off and her voice lost its power.

“Excuse me,” someone interrupted over the sound system.

Attention shifted toward Helen.

“This is a waste of time,” she said. She shuffled papers in her hands and put on a pair of thin reading glasses.

“According to title seven, chapter one-hundred-and-thirty, section four, subsection Y of Greenfield ordinances, and I quote, ‘No person shall be granted residence within town limits who pledges allegiance to the dark powers of Satan, Beelzebub, or any other moniker used to identify The Evil One.”

“You have no proof!” Sharon shouted.

Helen looked at her over the rims of her lenses.

“Oh really?”

She paused and looked at her husband.


An image flashed on the projection screen above the Mayor’s head.

The Farcebook page showed a smiling Sharon wearing loose black robes. One hand grasped a selfie-stick, the other gripped the horn of a freshly severed goat’s head.

Sharon dropped her chin to her chest.

“All in favor of exiling Sharon Woods, say Aye.”

Ayes echoed throughout the room.

“The council has issued judgment. Next item of business.”

As she shuffled towards the foyer, she heard them carry on.

“The council will vote on an impromptu proposal to install a plaque in front of City Hall pledging allegiance to Overlord Tengu from the planet Burbathon. All in favor, say Aye.”

Ayes echoed throughout the room.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Nila! I guess I need to work on this one some more. I was trying to get across that the supposedly “sane” council was just as crazy, essentially living in their own cult. Just a bit of silly humor on this one.

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