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So, with regard to my writing method, I’m trying a different tack with the next story. I think part of reason it took me so long to crank out a very short piece like Beta-Carotene is that I was trying to multitask. I started to edit without even finishing my story and found that at one point, I had barely completed a single paragraph at the end of the day.

Not this time.

I’m just putting down what’s in my head and I’m going to worry about grammar and cohesiveness after the fact. When I feel I’ve hammered out as many points in my story that can possibly be hammered, then I’ll pick up the red pen. I need to organize my time better and separate the writing process from the editing process. I have a feeling that this will help me be more successful in getting all of my ideas on the page (screen).

In other news, I’m about to wrap up a big project at work. It’s been a tough slog, but it feels good to have achieved what my team has done so far and I’ve learned a lot from the challenges. I’m hoping to carry that sentiment over to my writing and songwriting!


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  1. Grats on finishing the work project!

    As for self-editing: getting over that habit will be the best thing you ever do.

    At one point, I even forced myself to physically get up out of my chair if I started to edit. Eventually, I broke myself of constantly reworking something that wasn’t even close to finished.

    Our inner critics make it tempting, but you have plenty of time to polish once you’ve formed the basis of the story.

    I try to quickly re-read every ~4000 words or so, just to catch anything glaring. It makes my inner editor happy, but doesn’t waste too much time. Don’t worry if it takes a while; it seriously took me a year plus of constantly, consciously reminding myself.

    1. Thanks Oliver! The 4000-word re-read sounds like a good compromise.. Glad to know that it takes others some time to get things pushed out as well!

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