20 thoughts on “A Reminder”

    1. He’ll be five in August. Hope all is well with you and your kiddo too. I’m sure he’s getting lots of his own raspberries. 😚

  1. Omg Angus is FIVE!! I remember when you were posting monthly photos of him during his first year. Seize the day, Phillip. Children grow up so quickly ❀️

  2. Missing seeing your posts, my friend. I dropped by just to see whether maybe they weren’t sending (a problem others of us have been experiencing). I hope you’re able to make time for more soon. BUT yes, enjoy the babies every moment that you can. I’m still enjoying mine, but differently. The youngest will be 34 this year (grin) and the eldest will be 44 next month.

  3. Absolutely true. In the words of one of my writing heroes: “Writing is a support system for life. It’s not the other way around.” ~ Stephen King

    1. Great quote, Morgan. I’ve learned the truth of that statement more than ever these past few months.

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