Below, you will find a culmination of a 52-week journey I commenced on July 31st, 2017. The basis for this experiment was at the suggestion of Ray Bradbury who recommended that all beginning and intermediate writers follow this “writer’s hygiene” program rather than attempt a novel that may take up to a year to complete and may, in the end, not be very good.

Each entry below has a link to the story as well as a journal of that week (includes the brainstorming process for that particular story and how I felt at the end of each day).

The primary purpose of this page is to give me a readily-accessible confidence booster. Something that says, “Hey, you did this. You can write.”

Secondarily, I hope it proves to you that as a dad with a full-time job, even can manage to get the work done, and therefore you will also be inspired to buckle down, throw away the fear, and share your work with the world.

Week 1:

Story: Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six
Word Count: 6,000
Genre: Weird Western
Completed Week: July 31st – August 6th
Process Journal: Read about my process for this story!

Week 2:

Story: The Bitter Buffoon
Word Count: 1,500
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Completed Week: August 7th – August 13th
Process Journal: Read about my process for this story!