2019 Goals - Week 7
Char Siu 2
Char Siu 3
Char Siu 4
2019 Goals - Week 7
Char Siu 2
Char Siu 3
Char Siu 4

2019 Goals Recap – Week #7

And the beat(ing) goes on.

I did even worse than last week: Only averaged 530 words a day.

Again, life just got in the way. I had a busy week of day-job obligations (including 3:00 am on-call issues), helping with family, plus my sinuses have been flaring up making it feel like someone is constantly twisting a dull butter knife into the side of my head and back of my neck.

Oh well. At least I was able to cook something redeeming–char siu aka Chinese BBQ pork.

Cross-hatch the fat and marinate…
Roast at low heat for hours, making everyone who walks into the house, drool…
Carve and serve with some Panda Express fried rice (just didn’t have it in me to make my own)…

I feel like I’m due for a rebound. I hope this next week is it, but I’ll take it as it comes.

I hope you all have a wonderful week (and if you’re lucky in the USA, a Happy President’s Day off).


15 thoughts on “2019 Goals Recap – Week #7

  1. Who cares about the writing…you cooked that gourmet meal for your family. It looks yummy! Seriously, there’s certainly nothing wrong with writing 500 words per day, Phillip. In the end, it all adds up. Nice job!

    1. “In the end, it all adds up.”

      Very true, Jill. Thanks for being the voice of sanity. I’m trying to walk the fine line of not beating myself up but also trying to remember the goals I’ve set for myself this year. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. 500 a day is better than none a day. The pork looks great. What was the syurp looking stuff on the plate?

  3. Stop beating up on yourself ! You have job and family – and you cook, too? That’s already overachieving. You should be writing, “I actually fit in 530 words a day – Yowza!”

    Now I’ll add that your dead animal dinner makes my mouth water, even as a mostly-vegetarian. I have a hard time giving up pork…so I call myself a bacon-vegetarian. .

    1. Pam! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I missed you this past Saturday. I was wiped out from the sinus and work issues I mentioned. And I appreciate your perspective. It’s important to remind myself how many chainsaws I’m juggling here. 🙂

      Also, I imagine that if I ever went mostly-vegetarian, pork would be one of the tough ones to let go of!

  4. Really should stop reading your updates when I’ve not eaten for a while… That last photo in particular looks delicious!

    Been many (many, many) times I’ve fallen off the word wagon, but we all seem to keep coming back for more, and I have no doubt your luck will change – mainly because you seem hell bent on making sure it does. 530 words a day on a bad week isn’t to be sniffed at matey.

    1. Thanks Colin. I managed to get in a fair amount of words yesterday, so at least I’m starting this week off in much better shape than last. And I’ll air-drop you some of the BBQ pork. Just watch your head…it’s an 8-pound pork shoulder. 😉

  5. Jill says it best: “In the end, it all adds up.” I know it’s hard but be positive, glass (or word bowl) is half full, not half empty 🙂 You are not nor should you try to be Superman, even though I think you are a super dude 😉

    1. Thank you for the refreshing words of wisdom, Marie. 🙂 I’m finding myself needing to be more careful with the negative self-talk as I strive to meet my goals. Just one of the hazards of wanting to accomplish things, but you’re right–trying to be Superman is a sure way to wind up hurting myself more than helping myself!

  6. It’s 11:00 pm while I’m reading this… I can’t afford to get hungry.

    1. Hah. Sorry about that. Let’s pretend it was terrible. ?

  7. Oh my word. You make me feel lazy with your 500+ words a day, Phillip. And that roast. I thought I was good throwing a Stouffer’s in the oven. ? Give yourself a pat on the back!

  8. Not sure my comment posted, so I’m trying again. I feel lazy when I see your 530 words a day and your pork roast. I averaged a few Stouffer meals thrown in the oven. And my word average is probably 46 words a day.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Linda. You know, I’ve eaten more than my share of Stouffers and you’re only seeing the special meal I make on the weekend. Ham and cheese sandwiches are the norm for me otherwise. 🙂

      And as others are reminding me, 46 words is still more than 0. I’m glad to hear that you’re still moving forward. We do what we can with the time we’re given!

  9. […] to time, but it’s doubly nice for others to remind you (like many of my blogging friends did last week) that we all have moments when we have to just sit back and accept that the rest of the world needs […]

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