2019 Goals Recap – Week #6

Rough, rough week.

I averaged 690 words.

I dealt with some sort of stomach bug for the first half which made just about everything I did uncomfortable. And then the day job is requiring a lot of attention right now. The organizational structure has shifted and I have new responsibilities and technologies that I need to learn ASAP.

I had to drive a couple hours out of town for family on Saturday, so the weekend meal prep was cut short.

Therefore, I picked an easy side dish at random: Broccoli Rabe with White Beans.

Clean it….
Saute it…
Eat it…

Never had broccoli rabe before. Probably won’t ever again. 😛

The cookbook kept talking about how its bitterness was part of its charm, but if that’s what swings for charm these days, it can keep it!

Thank goodness the store-bought, pre-marinated steak kabobs saved the day.

Hoping this next week will be a little more productive, but we’ll see. I’m trying to accept that various life rolls will come and that every day is a new day.

I hope yours was a more productive, less stomach-buggy week.


10 thoughts on “2019 Goals Recap – Week #6”

  1. I didn’t have the stomach bug, but my productivity wasn’t where I wanted it to be until the weekend, and even then…let’s just say I’ve had much more productive weekends. You dish at least looks good! I have to admit I’ve never heard of broccoli rabe before…

    1. Hopefully this week bodes better for both of us, Tony! As for never hearing of broccoli rabe before, I think I know why. You’re not missing much. 🙂

  2. We all have weeks like that, Phillip. Even days like that. Fortunately, goals reset every morning/week so we pick up and carry on. (grin) You’ll be right back on top of it in no time.

    1. Thank you, Harvey. You always know things like this are coming down the pipe, but there’s always the inkling of hope they won’t show their ugly mug. Oh well. As you say, it’s reset time!

  3. Perspective, Phillip, perspective. If you wrote little because you spent the week binging on Netflix, that would be one thing. But a stomach bug … a reminder that we’re all human. By the way, did you get the bug before or after you ate the broccoli rabe … 😉

    1. So true, Marie. We’re always harder on ourselves than we would be on others in our shoes. Thanks for the reminder! And thankfully, no bug post-broccoli rabe… I guess it was bad enough on its own. lol

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