2019 Goals Recap – Week #2

Saturday was eaten up by traveling and lots of family time when we visited my parents, so I went for something pretty simple today — Baked brie with a grape chutney. I found the recipe in a Costco magazine we get delivered and said, “Hey, that looks good.” And then I said, “Oh, and I’ve never baked brie.”


Start with some grapes and herbs…
Add a dried chile pepper and cook down.
Top the brie and throw it in the oven!

Found a good triple-cream brie on sale at Whole Foods. I gotta say, this thing was taaasse–teeee… 🙂

Now, for the writing itself this week, it started off with a bang. I wrapped up one short story I started last week, started and finished another one, and managed to get some work in on 2019 Novel #1. Oh, and a blog post.

The first couple of days had me writing over 2,000 words a day which was nice. Then I hit over a thousand for the two days after that, and then it just went downhill from there. Managed no writing yesterday and very little tonight due to making up on missed chores from yesterday.

Looking back, I guess I did alright for myself, overall. Still, I know I could have done more. I could have gotten my 250 words in yesterday and I didn’t. I managed almost 600 today (including this blog post).

I have another short story assignment coming in tomorrow morning for this week, so it will be fun to dig into that.

Hoping you all have a wonderful and productive week ahead!


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