2019 Goals Recap – Week #16

Sorry, not sorry, for the five week cone of silence, folks.

While I’ve missed you all, and have most definitely missed the pace of writing I’d grown accustomed to in January, I’ve enjoyed spending time with family and not having to add on to the additional stress of day-job drama.

But life events are evening out now, and I’m starting to get back in the game. I’m in the middle of the lectures for the mystery workshop at the moment, still trying to wrap up the first short story assignment. That’s slow going, but when I’m able to get in my minimum of a page a day, I’m happy.

Also, the cooking has begun again. I went big yesterday with prime rib and potatoes:

More mmm…

I hope you’re all doing well and still working toward your own goals. Expect to see me returning to my regular schedule!


12 thoughts on “2019 Goals Recap – Week #16”

    1. Steve, I have that same problem when I come back and address the comments. It’s also 8am now and I’m a little disappointed I plowed through all of the leftovers yesterday. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Thank you, John. They came out excellent. Can’t wait to make them again! And, yes, keeping a schedule is tough. I know I need one as it keeps me generally on track, but sometimes you just have to hop off the rails for a spell until it’s time to get back on.

  1. Your posts always make me hungry 😉
    You’re getting back on track and I’m getting off track. Sigh. Day-job drama is in full swing with a key manager leaving in a couple of weeks. Good timing for her but bad timing for the rest of us as the governor has given us a new initiative to get up to speed on and our leadership is mostly empty at the top. So it’s suddenly very, very busy and I am so behind at my day job. Of course, during all of this I took three days off work to go play but I’m glad I did because otherwise I’d be even more cranky than I am now 😉 Ah … life.

    1. I totally get it, Marie! In fact, I’ve since been sidetracked a little again. I sure wish this making progress stuff was more of a straight line. 🙂 But good for you for taking some time off to play…that’s your brain telling you it’s not quite ready yet. Sometimes, we need to step away to get some greater perspective.

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