2019 Goals - Week #1
2019 Goals - Week #1

2019 Goals Recap – Week #1

This Week’s Key Lesson — Read the directions, re-read the directions, and then re-re-read them. You probably missed a thing.

Or three.

So here’s how it was supposed to look:

Opera Cake
Courtesy of homecookingadventure.com

And here’s how it came out:

What did I miss?

  • Chocolate Ganache – I should have let the melted chocolate cool for a minute before adding the cream. It became too runny and didn’t fill out the middle of the cake as much as it should have.
  • Chocolate Shell – Actually, I’m not sure what went wrong here. I tried it three different times, all failing pretty miserably. The chocolate just slid off the top and down the sides like patches of snow falling from a moving vehicle. Alternate Google results for this seemed to each have a different way of doing it. Oh well. I’m just going to pretend the top was meant to be an abstract marble design. 🙂
  • Layers – I tried to get the fillings as even as possible, but I’m thinking I lacked the tools to do a proper job of it.

Overall, it came out well. On taste alone, I’d give this guy an A+. The coffee flavor really shined and the cake, as a whole, was not overly sweet. I’ll have to drop the final score to a B though, with marks for the ganache and chocolate shell misfires as well as the not-so-symmetric layers.

Oh boy, do I feel for the sucker left doing the dishes! Oh wait…that’s me.

And, yes, I had to resort to using holiday plates because our normal dishes weren’t large enough to hold the cake and other dishes were too big to fit in the fridge. Sometimes, you just gotta improvise.

On the writing front, I’m off to a decent start. I forgot that in addition to my first novel and non-fiction book, I have a bunch of short stories I need to write as assignments for WMG workshops. A lot of time was spent on a particular one due at the end of January that has to do with writing in series. Then starting tomorrow, I begin three more short stories, one a week, each due on the following Sunday night.

My total wordcount these past six days is 6,800 words, which is okay, but I know I can do better. Day job and family health scares interrupted a little. This next week will be heavily focused on the short stories, but I want to get at least 250 words a day in my other projects so I don’t lose momentum.

I hope you all had a restful weekend and are off to a good start with your own goals.


9 thoughts on “2019 Goals Recap – Week #1

  1. I think I like your version better, Phillip… looks more gooey! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Jill! 🙂 Happy New Year to you as well.

  2. Feel free to send your trial recipe attempts over here. I’ll save you the embarrassment of disposing of them, and if it takes several attempts before you achieve perfection, well, that’s just the cross I’ll have to bear. (Not the dishes, though—those are all for you.)

    I’m so impressed that you tried! Plus mistakes don’t have as many calories, right? Mmm, my mouth is watering!

    1. Haha, always a silver lining. 🙂 Thanks, Candace. I’m trying to make this a year of doing things I would normally be intimidated to do. Definitely expecting some flops, but it’s fun to see what happens!

  3. I’d eat that cake! Kudos for cooking and writing amongst everything else you do 😉

    1. Thanks, Marie! I’ll save you a slice if Angus doesn’t eat it all first. 🙂

  4. Still looks good enough to eat, but I love the pictures; gives it that whole Instagram Fails vibe that always cracks me up. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks! It definitely tasted great. And yeah, I’m sure quite a few of my attempts would fit in nicely on Nailed It! 🙂

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